L Seven Apartments and Lofts

350 Eight Street, San Francisco, CA

L Seven Apartments and Lofts is an entire city block of 410 rental apartments, commercial, retail, and office space, plus an underground parking for 334 cars and 415 bicycles in San Francisco's SoMa district. Located on 3.5 acre site, the development consists of eight buildings along four streets with internal alleyways for vehicular circulation through the site.

The design includes four and five stories of wood framed buildings over one level individual podium post-tensioned concrete slabs above the grade level. The ground floor slab, combination of post-tensioned and reinforced concrete slabs, encompasses the entire city block.

The structural system is composed of post-tensioned concrete slabs with concrete shear walls supported on spread footings bear on an improved soil sub base.

Architect : Kava Massih Architects

Number of Units : 410 +Commercial, Retail and Office Space

Completed : July 2017

(Engineer of Record Murphy Burr Curry Structural Engineers)